Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Everest Email Accounts

When you're an Everest student, you will receive a personal Everest email account that keeps you connected to everyone inside and outside of your school!

By using your Everest email account, it's easy to:

-Get important school updates and messages
-Stay connected to faculty, staff and students
-Look professional in emails to potential employers

You get to keep your Everest email even after you graduate, to help you stay connected and stay in touch.

How to set up your Everest email account:

From any computer with Internet access, go to

At this site, you will enter your student number along with your last name. Then you will provide answers to three security questions to protect your privacy. It is a good idea at this point to memorize or write down the answers. Then click on "take me to my email now." You will then be prompted to change your password.

How to check or send email:

Go online and open your web browser. In the address bar, type Log in using your personal email username and password. If you forget your username or password got to the activation site above and enter your student number and last name. The system will then help you to reset your account.

Now the links for activating and logging into your Everest email are permanently posted on the right hand side of this web site.